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Project WILLIAM continues with planned activities. Ivona Peternel, PhD has participated in virtual meeting with representatives of Tel Hai College from Israel and Management Center Innsbruck from Austria. Meeting was held with the goal of organizing virtual workshops for Israeli partners with duration of 30-60 minutes which will present starting point for implementation of physical workshops in the future. Focus of the workshops is intercultural aspect of internationalization of the universities including procedures and protocols of acceptance of the foreign students.

First workshop on the topic of intercultural dimension in internationalization of the university will be held by ivona Peternel, PhD. Conceptual framework will be presented, view on multiculturalism from different perspectives (geographical, social and economic) as well as experiences and examples from Juraj Dobrila University of Pula. Planned date of workshop  is on the 7th July 2020, via Zoom service from 15 do 16:30 h.

Second workshop on the topic of intercultural elements in stressful situations will be held by Claudia Pauzenberger from Management Center Innsbruck. The focus will be on the perception of culture and cultural elements in stressful situations. It will be held on the 8th July 2020 via Adobe Connect from 12 do 13:30 h.

Third workshop will be held by Sarah Widmoser from Management Center Innsbruck, regarding protocols and guidelines for incoming mobilities. It will be held via Adobe Connect on the 9th July 2020 from 12 do 13:30 hours.

Workshop „Website creation for recruiting international students“ (MUNI training) regarding website editing and creation in order to prioritise user experience and search engine optimisation will be held on the 16th July.The workshop will show the practicalities on examples of the attendees’ websites and enable following the latest trends in website architecture, copywriting and graphics to truly bring your website to the 21st century from 12 to 13:30 h.  Workshop „Virtual collaborative classroom training“, JCT training, with speakers from GACE and COLMAN will include engaging and involving students in on line sessions, course design for collaborative learning, virtual conferencing hardware and software. It will be held on the 21st July 2020 from 10 to 13 h.

„Safety and Security training“ workshop targeting audiance from campus security, psychological services, international offices will be held on the 22nd July from 12 to 14 h.


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